Delivery & Shipping

Delivery method:

    Orders are delivered by our authorized representatives after contacting you to confirm delivery to the door of the house after confirming the request..

Delivery method:

    Same orders will be delivered on the same day at 3:00 pm and completed orders after 3 pm will be delivered the next day or as scheduled by the customer.


    Terms and conditions apply for delivery.*

Private and commercial residential compounds that require entry permits. The customer is obligated to obtain entry permits for the driver and the car beforehand.

We apologize for completing any delivery process, and the customer is thus responsible for receiving the request and raising it to the upper floors, or an amount of 1 Saudi Riyal will be added to each floor on each item.

• The upper floors that are in excess of the ground floor.

• In the event that the elevator is broken down or not available.

Minimum fees will be applied for orders less than 200 Saudi Riyals (excluding tax), with an addition of 15 SR for preparation and packaging.

توصيل سريع ومجاني للطلبات بحد أدنى 200 ريال*